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In the fall of 2013, I will offer a course at Trinity University on grant-writing and fundraising.  The course will engage juniors and seniors in a series of projects to bridge their liberal arts content knowledge to careers in the non-profit sector.  To stay informed about the course as it develops, be sure to follow the course tag on this blog.

Each student enrolled in the course will partner with a local nonprofit organization to write a grant proposal or a fundraising plan.  San Antonio nonprofits are invited to request a Trinity grantwriting or fundraising “intern” by emailing me (cscholz@trinity.edu).

Please note that the students will be undergraduates with little or no experience in this area.  Don’t expect them to come back at the end of the semester with a bag full of money!  The students will need considerable guidance in learning about your organization.  They will need access to your previous grant proposals (successful and unsuccessful) and other pertinent files.  The best partners for this class will be organizations that can spare a little time each week to mentor the student.  In order to be assigned an intern, organizations MUST have 501(c)(3) status.  Our preference is for organizations that have been in existence for at least two years at that have held at least one fundraiser (or campaign) or submitted at least one grant proposal.

Students will sign an internship agreement with your organization detailing the final product and your requirements.  This is meant to be as close to a real-world consulting experience as possible.  Students will not pass the class if they haven’t fulfilled the agreement.  Since the experience will be part of the structure of a class, the student will receive guidance from the instructor, complete readings and assignments to structure their work, and benefit from a peer group of classmates working on similar projects.

The class will have an open-door policy for partner organizations.  If the class is covering a topic of interest to you, please visit.  If you would like to talk to the students about your organization, ask them to volunteer or recruit them to work for you, we’re all ears!  All course readings, videos and other materials will be made available online and may be used to train your own employees and volunteers.

If your organization is not ready for an intern, but you are interested in partnering with us in other ways, I am looking for

  • guest speakers, particularly in the areas of nonprofit law and accounting,
  • recommendations of readings and other materials for the class,
  • news about local events related to nonprofit management that might be of interest to the students,
  • volunteers to give students feedback on their projects and judge their class presentations.

I welcome your questions and suggestions about the class.


About Claudia Scholz

Higher education professional in Atlanta, GA specializing in faculty development and research administration.
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