Brainstorming in preparation for week two of CFHE12

Mindmap for Week two of CFHE12 – Click for interactive view, or see topics below

I spent some time this weekend updating my mindmap for the open online course on the “Current/Future State of Higher Education”. Here are some of the items I came up with for the second week’s topic, “Net pedagogies: New models of teaching and learning”.

2 Net pedagogies (Oct 15-21) New models of teaching and learning

2.1 Traditional Higher Ed
2.1.1 large lecture model instructor role sage on the stage content delivery evaluator (tester) of learning student role recipient of content note-taker, memorizer
2.1.2 seminar model instructor role guide on the side coach coordinator student role participant discussion leader constructor of knowledge

2.2 Online Only
2.2.1 Student experience flexibility asynchronous self-paced? convenience access anywhere less commute time amenable to schedules of part-time students lifelong learners working students non-traditional students low SES students disadvantages difficult to interact with peers digital divide internet access and speed digital literacy of student
2.2.2 Instructor experience not all are “digital natives” “always on”
2.2.3 institutional aspects reputation considerations Human Resources faculty development / training instructional design tech support
2.2.4 back-end / IT aspects server and other infrastructure on-site contract/outsource to “cloud” Learning/Course management system Greater potential for assessment immediate feedback granular usage data comparison across learners comparison over time

2.3 Blended / Hybrid
2.3.1 flipped classroom lecture at home video production length = short engaging integrated with assessment e.g. quizzes, exercises What about reading? make best use of face-to-face time problem-solving hands-on skill-building
2.3.2 Developing Content interactive homework instant feedback self-pacing interactive textbooks multiple paths through the material search hyperlinked definitions (interactive glossary) links to external resources wikipedia primary literature

2.4 Intellectual Property issues
2.4.1 Proprietary Subscriptions/licenses Product as Servcie model
2.4.2 Open OER- Open Ed. Resources OA- Open Access publishing FOSS- Open Source Software


About Claudia Scholz

Higher education professional in Atlanta, GA specializing in faculty development and research administration.
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