Trinity University HHMI program to hold conference on Integrative STEM Learning

Here’s the program for this weekend’s Trinity University HHMI program conference on Integrative Learning in STEM.


• Outcomes and goals generated at the 2012 general education cancer biology summit – Jonathan King (Trinity University)
• Improving learning outcomes in large classrooms through short-term service-learning projects – Elizabeth R. Congdon (Bethune Cookman University)
• Linking research and teaching through museum collections and natural objects – Rebecca Rundell (State University of New York )
• Literature and Science meet at Eco-criticism – Jim Shinkle (Trinity University)


• An introductory biology course that involves every student in authentic research – Clark Lindgren (Grinnell College)
• Developing an interdisciplinary STEM community – Anne Kruchten and Brian Gilbert (Linfield College)
• Predictors of student success in an integrative introductory biology curriculum  – Michele Johnson and Jonathan King (Trinity University)
• Linking Biology and Chemistry courses through research on anticancer ruthenium complexes – Pamela Hanson and Laura Stultz (Birmingham Southern College)

Friday 1:15 p.m.

• iScience: mobilizing and integrating change in science education – Stasinos Stavrianeas and Mark Stewart (Willamette University)
• STEM learning communities at University of St. Thomas – Kerri Carlson, Melissa Loe, Dyius Turvold Celotta (University of St. Thomas)
• Integrated quantitative science at the University of Richmond – Lester Caudill, Lewis Barnett, Chris Stevenson (University of Richmond)
• Towards an integrative STEM education: strengthening transfer and application of learning – Cam Davidson (Carleton College)

QUANTITATIVE THINKING (“Remember Bio 2010?”) – Saturday 9:30 am

• Systems analysis of a biomath hybrid – Kevin Livingstone and Saber Elaydi (Trinity University)
• Bioinformatics for non-science majors – Andrea Tartaro and Renee Chosed  (Furman University)
• Undergraduate research as interdisciplinary training – Jason Miller (Truman  State University)


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Higher education professional in Atlanta, GA specializing in faculty development and research administration.
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