Brainstorming in preparation for CFSHE12

The open online course on the “Current/Future State of Higher Education” begins tomorrow. I spent some time this weekend working on a mindmap of the course topics to prepare. Here are some of the things I came up with for the first week’s topic, “Change pressures: What is influencing higher education? “.

1.1 Fewer Resources
1.1.1 state budget cuts
1.1.2 endowments down
1.1.3 student ability to pay tuition

1.2 Greater competition
1.2.1 demographic changes Colleges established during baby boom post-WWII democratization of higher ed
1.2.2 International competition
1.2.3 Alternative Models Online-only for-profits Western Governors U Certification programs CLEP MOOCs Online reputation in job-hutning Github in CS; Quora Badges
1.2.4 widespread availability of information
1.2.5 need to demonstrate effectiveness & value $10,000 degree programs assessment Training faculty to measure outcomes Third-party and standardized testing Tracking post-graduate outcomes What should we measure?

1.3 Rising costs
1.3.1 Human Resources Salaries Benefits Health care Tuition Exchange Rise in contingent labor force adjunct instructors subcontracting food service, etc.
1.3.2 Library Subscriptions proliferation of journals corporate monopolies on academic publication
1.3.3 infrastructure costs demands for newer buildings, finer amenities

1.4 Higher Ed & the Workforce
1.4.1 constant retraining, lifeling learning What are our obligations to our graduates?
1.4.2 Is curriculum keeping up with workforce demands?

1.5 cultural changes
1.5.1 anti-intellectualism
1.5.2 reluctance to pay for information
1.5.3 emphasis on professions over liberal arts
1.5.4 need to be “always-on”, always connected


About Claudia Scholz

Higher education professional in Atlanta, GA specializing in faculty development and research administration.
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