An Open Online Course on the Current and Future State of Higher Education.

Duke University Commencement, 1931

Duke University Commencement, 1931

I am far too busy to sign up for another MOOC!  Nevertheless, I’ve added myself to the open online course on the Current and Future State of Higher Education.

Part of the reason is that the topics are things that I might want to blog about anyway, and the course is a way of structuring and scheduling my writing.  I am not sure I will stick with it, but I’ll try to at least brainstorm about the topics and follow some of the online discussions.

Weekly Topics

  1. Change pressures: What is influencing higher education? (Oct 8-14)
  2. Net pedagogies: New models of teaching and learning (Oct 15-21)
  3. Entrepreneurship and commercial activity in education (Oct 22-28)
  4. Big data and Analytics (Oct 29-Nov 4)
  5. Leadership in Education (Nov 4-11)
  6. Distributed Research: new models of inquiry (Nov 12- 18)

photo credit: Duke Yearlook via photopin cc


About Claudia Scholz

Higher education professional in Atlanta, GA specializing in faculty development and research administration.
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