Plinky: Name one thing you should stop doing

Today's Plinky prompt: Name one thing you should stop doing.

The Detour Ends Here!

I think most people are answering this question with one word: procrastination!

I've read a few books about procrastination and time management, as well as many, many articles and blogs on these subjects. I don't know anyone satisfied with their level of productivity or who doesn't feel guilty all the time about work or "to do's" in other aspects of life.

My most frequent methods of procrastination is fiddling around online. Sites like Facebook, and increasingly, Google+ are addictive. The emotional reward of coming across something useful or funny is greater than the emotional reward of work, which usually offers only deferred, if any, gratification.

One thing that causes me to procrastinate is emotional baggage. In particular, resentment over having to do certain tasks. I tend to postpone things that cause me anxiety, especially things involving phone calls or bureaucracy. Sometimes procrastination can have real consequences, deadlines missed, or projects made more complex because pieces don't come together. This just increases the stress.

So the thing I need to stop doing is letting emotional baggage keep me from being productive!

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About Claudia Scholz

Higher education professional in Atlanta, GA specializing in faculty development and research administration.
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2 Responses to Plinky: Name one thing you should stop doing

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  2. Sarah Sloan says:

    I really enjoyed your post, and I especially agree with Facebook being terrible for my procrastination habit. I found your article so good that I linked to it in my article “Procrastination is a dirty word…or is it?” where I talk about how procrastination can improve the quality of your work.

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